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Hair Building Fiber brow kit

Brie had to ask herself what was really important to her when creating a product  for her clients. Eyebrow hair-loss is a problem for the majority of them and during her makeup applications, the feature that holds all of our facial expressions, was also the one causing the most grief. Brie struggles with her own hair-loss issues and felt a very strong desire to help with this. She knew she wanted to offer something that went above and beyond the average makeup product on the market.


Her brow kits are the result of this search for the best. Inside you'll find a wax, a pressed brow powder containing hair fibers that can be applied to holes and bare skin on the brow area creating the appearance of real brow hair, and an additional color containing a hint of shimmer that adds highlights and dimension to the brows as a finishing touch. Working with the kit is easy and flexible, as you can apply the brow fibers dry or wet, and you can opt to use the wax before or after the powder depending on your preference. It comes in 3 easy-to-match colors.

Find your shade HERE


Brie's successful background in makeup had her client's lining up to have her microblade their brows, quickly gaining ample experience and knowledge. Now she trains other artists and formulates products to solve a variety of eyebrow problems.



Her eyebrow business is located in the Cannery Village of Newport Beach and is called Good Brows Club. Her website featuring all her work can be found here -  you can view her schedule and book directly from the website using any of the Book An Appointment buttons.

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