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What's the occasion?

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Weekdays only


Half day rate (4 hrs) : 500

Day rate (8 hrs) : 850

Overtime : 150/hr

Travel fee : .56 / mi  

Touch-ups : 125/hr

Client is responsible for parking costs 


Makeup only : 175

Hair only : 150 

Makeup + Hair combo : simple 225, technical 300

Client is responsible for parking costs

1 Makeup look per person : 195


Basic makeup + hair per person : 250

Technical makeup + hair per person : 300


Flawless airbrush foundation : 50


Touch-up assistance : 125/hr


TF for print tearsheet : 100 kit fee

Half day rate  4 hrs - travel time : 625


Day rate  8 hrs - travel time : 950

Client is responsible for parking costs

Why are weddings more expensive than other events?
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brides see here

A la cartE Pricing

Makeup-only trial : 175


Hair-only trial : 150

Makeup + hair trial combo: simple 225, technical 300

Deposit : 225

Secure your wedding date with a deposit. Price includes a makeup trial and/or hair trial, or any unused portion deducted from the wedding day balance if not trialing looks

Bride makeup-only : 225


Bride hair-only  : 225

Bride makeup + hair combo : 425

Bridesmaid/family makeup : simple 125 / technical 150

Simple makeup includes more soft glam, natural, elevated clean beauty, my include lashes if other parts of the face require less time and detail spent. Technical makeup includes high-glam looks, more time spent on details, making skin flawless, false lashes.

Bridesmaid/family hair : simple 95 / technical 125

Updos, half updos with braiding, clip-in extensions 

Eyes-only / face-only : 75

Only available for weddings with over 4 services


Blow-out : 75

Services quoted above must start with dry hair, unless a blow-out has been booked

bride+party packages

Save on lashes and technical hairstyles with a wedding package. Receive upgraded technical services for the price of simple if you decide to choose one of these 4 packages. Packages are thoughtfully curated based on how many services an artist can do within a feasible amount of wedding day getting-ready time (roughly 5 hours max.)


NOTE : packages are designed to offer proper compensation to highly talented and trained artists, they do not guarantee Brie as the artist for the bride. If the bride wants to hire Brie specifically, the bride-only package below will assure Brie is the dedicated artist to the bride. A La Carte pricing can secure Brie as the key artist for a total of  5 services. 


Junior maids and children requiring only light hair / makeup count as 1/2. 1 blowout = 1/2 service. 1 makeup application = 1 service. 1 hairstyle = 1 service.

BRIDE-ONLY Hair + Makeup: 395

Includes both makeup and hair for the bride. A trusted and talented team member with over a decade of experience will be at your service. Hiring Brie specifically is an additional cost. This artist can be chosen and trialed with prior to the wedding.



2 artists will provide 10 services to any party member including the bride. This includes the works, e.g. false lashes, elaborate or complicated hairstyling/hair extension placement, braiding, etc.


Hair and makeup for the bride, wedding party, mothers, grandmothers, aunts etc. 20 service max & no time constraints.

extra services

Touchups : 125/hr

Touchup rate begins when the getting ready timeline ends


Early morning fee : 100/per hour before 8am

Location change : 75/each 

Travel fee for locations over 20 mi from Laguna Beach : $ 0.56/ per mi (standard industry rate)

Destination weddings: as long as flights and lodging is covered, travel costs are usually minimal


Client is responsible for all parking fees accrued

fine print

All payment methods are accepted, subject to processing fees. To avoid fees, use cash, checks and venmo. All payments are to be made prior to the date of services. Deposits are due early in the process before hours of correspondence can be accumulated.


The full wedding day balance is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding to allow processing time so the funds are available to cash and tip assisting artists on the day-of. Our goal is to have all the business sorted out and loose ends tied up, for a stress-free wedding day. Wedding balances are to be made in a one-lump sum only, individual payments from members of the party will not be accepted. Decades of wedding experience has proved this works best for all involved and we appreciate your understanding. 



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