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Meet the team

Hey there, I'm Brie. First, I'd like to thank you for your interest in Coast Artistry. Finding an artist or team of artists for an occasion can be difficult and I hope you will look no further.


A little about me-- I grew up in the wineries of Temecula, California as an aspiring artist, but I didn't know how to use my art in a viable way and chalked it up to a fun hobby. I graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and the feeling that my passions were going undeveloped. Years of left-brain business courses had the artist inside me going wild, calling me to enroll at Laguna College of Art + Design. It was heaven (that school is amazing.) When I decided to take my education of light, form, and color into the beauty industry, all the pieces fell into place and my ultimate artistic-entrepreneurial career was born. I was mixing colors on a palette and using all different size and shape brushes as I did in my years of fine art, only my canvas was real people. Using art theory to help someone achieve their vision, give them a new look or design their appearance to tell a unique story is what I live for. I believe that is what sets me apart from other makeup artists and has blessed me with freelance positions with Armani and YSL, TV shows, commercials, celebrities, runways, magazine editorials, and countless weddings and special events. I love it, it couldn't be more fun and fulfilling.


*Pictured below is me in action and one of my art school paintings.



"I was mixing colors on a palette and using all different size and shape brushes as I did in my years of fine art, only my canvases were real people."


With decades of experience in the industry, and access to almost any talented artist in the orange county area and beyond, if Brie cannot take your booking, she will find the exact artist or artists for your needs.


For example, Juanita and Brie have been working alongside one another for years, and can work interchangeably providing the same relaxed yet refined looks. Juanita is reliable, punctual and will not rush to get the job done, leaving happy clients who felt heard. She will listen to your precise needs and execute them allowing editing along the way. No egos here! While Ashley can bring out your inner glam girl with major glow-ups and old-hollywood vibes. She is your go-to if you have requests like fuller coverage, bold lashes, red lips and smokey shadows. Or if you have a theme, she can provide any creative expression of that theme, just leave it up to her vision and watch her work magic.

Between the 3 of us, we can handle just about any request. If additional artists are needed for a large party, not to worry. We won't show up short-handed. And with as much experience and connections as we have in this game, we will only reach out to others who we have worked with before, are talented and won't ghost us.


We all provide hairstyling services, so don't worry about having to hire extra hands. This is a one-stop shop. The form on the Contact page is there for you to ask any questions the above doesn't cover. We'd love to hear from you.

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